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Top Free Apps For New Mac Users

Oct 21, 2017 5:41:24 PM / by BaseQi



For Mac users, having the perfect combination of apps can mean the difference between a somewhat okay-MacBook and a gloriously efficient masterpiece of a device. With the processing capabilities, design, and overall usability of the Apple Mac, having the correct programs and applications are a necessity.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of options available to you, here are some basic ones that you should start with.


Beef up your productivity with Todoist, a free productivity software that manages to record, organise, and suggest how you can schedule your projects better. This is very useful for those who use their MacBooks for work, or those who have plenty on their plate.

There are a host of other features that can be unlocked by purchasing the premium version, but the free version of Todoist works just as well.


Now is the era of the cloud: where we don’t physically need to keep our files with us in order to access them. This approach comes with several advantages, including improved accessibility, more free space on your hard drive, and additional file security.

Dropbox has been the pioneer of this cloud-based storage solution, allowing you to store your files safely online. Aside from that, it also allows other people to access files that they need from your own database, saving time and resources when it comes to sharing data.


If you’re looking for a little more information on your menu bar, look no further than Itsycal, an application that adds a calendar to your menu bar. It’s a lightweight application meant to give you a better idea of how to schedule and spend your time -- and it looks great, to boot!


Applications sometimes leave little bits of themselves behind, either from installation or deletion. Over time, these little bits will become a monster of a data dump seemingly from out of nowhere, eating up precious memory space. Downloading AppCleaner, a program that allows you to track down and delete these kinds of data, will go a long way in helping you keep your MacBook in shape. In addition, this process is easy and safe for your computer’s system!

VLC Media Player

Finally, don’t let your MacBook’s high-resolution display go to waste. Download VLC Media Player! A lightweight, yet comprehensive media player, VLC has cemented its usefulness as an application due to its fast processing capabilities, multiple codecs, and extended support for most video types.

In addition to that, VLC Media Player has limited editing capabilities based on codec type. In general, it’s a well-rounded video application that absolutely has to be on your MacBook.

These are just a few of your brand new MacBook’s must-have apps, at absolutely no cost. The App Store has a wide selection of free apps across numerous categories -- go ahead and check it out!



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