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The Ultimate Shortcut Cheat Sheet for Apple Macs

Dec 29, 2017 12:05:00 AM / by BaseQi

The Ultimate MacBook Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Do you want an easier and more convenient time in using your MacBook? Then you need to learn certain keyboard shortcuts. Doing so enables you to work faster, and improves your understanding of the practicalities and fundamentals of your MacBook.


We've created a mac shortcuts cheat sheet for you below. If you want a better experience with your MacBook, you need to learn these time-saving keystrokes.


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  • Cut, copy, then paste


Shortcut: Command-X, Command-C, then Command V

You’ll likely be doing a lot of cutting, copying, and pasting, so learning this shortcut is beneficial. You’ll save yourself a significant amount of time, instead of manually trying to do these with your cursor.



  • Select all items


Shortcut: Command-A

You can select all the times in an active window or list. You’ll no longer have to waste precious seconds in highlighting several items or blocks of text using a mouse or trackpad.



  • Undo (and Redo) an action


Shortcut: Command-Z (Undo), Command-Shift-Z (Redo)

Made a mistake while typing a document or editing a picture? No problem. you can undo the last action you performed by pressing the shortcut for “Undo”. To reverse undoing the action, simply press the shortcut for “Redo”.



  • Quit any app


Shortcut: Command-Q

The red X button on the upper left corner of a window will only close it, but not permanently quit the app. In order to exit completely, you need to use this shortcut.



  • Close a window


Shortcuts: Command-W and Option-Command-W

The first shortcut closes only the window you are currently using, and the second shortcut closes all the windows in an active app. With these keystrokes, you no longer have to manually close windows one by one.



  • Find something in a snap


Shortcut: Command-F

This shortcut is very helpful because it gives you the ability to search for anything instantly, whether it’s a document, a media file, or an app. You’ll definitely find what you need with these two keys.



  • Volume control


Shortcut: Option-Shift-Volume

To increase or decrease the volume on your MacBook, you can press the Option and Shift keys together with either volume up or volume down. You can get rid of the hassle of clicking on your screen and doing it from there.



  • Screenshots


Shortcut: Shift-Command-3 (entire screen)

This takes a screenshot of everything on your MacBook screen and saves it as a PNG file which you can find on your desktop.

Shortcut: Shift-Command-4 (selected portion of the screen)

  1. Press the shortcut after which your pointer becomes a crosshair.

  2. Using your mouse, drag the crosshair to select the area that you want to screenshot. Hold down Shift, Option, or Space bar to change the direction of the selection.

  3. Once you’ve selected the area, release your mouse or trackpad.

Again, your screenshot is saved as a PNG file and placed on your desktop.

Shortcut: Shift-Command-4 (window)

  1. Press the shortcut to change your pointer into a crosshair.

  2. Press the Space bar to change the pointer into a camera.

  3. Move the camera icon over the window that you want to screenshot.

  4. Click your mouse or trackpad.

Find your screenshot saved as a PNG file on your desktop.



  • Switch applications


Shortcuts: Command-Tab and Command-~

The first shortcut opens your MacBook’s built-in application switcher. This feature allows you to switch between any active application. Use the second shortcut to switch to an active app from right to left.



  • Open a new browser tab


Shortcut: Command-T

Want to open a new tab whether you’re using a web browser or your MacBook’s Finder? This shortcut will do the trick. If you want to open more than one new tab, just keep on hitting the shortcut.

  • Make custom keyboard shortcuts

For a more personal and tailored experience, your MacBook lets you customise your keyboard shortcuts. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  2. Click on the icon labeled Keyboard.

  3. Select the Shortcuts tab.

  4. Select App Shortcuts from the list on the left-side menu

  5. Click on the + button to add a new shortcut

  6. On the tab labeled Application, select whether you want the shortcut to apply to all applications or just a specific one.

  7. On the tab labeled Menu Title, enter the exact name of the command you want to add a custom shortcut for.

  8. Click on the tab labeled Keyboard Shortcut and press down the keystroke sequence you want for your shortcut.

  9. Click on Add.

  10. To confirm your addition, open the menu of any app and see if your custom keyboard shortcut can now be used.

Repeat this process for any other custom keyboard shortcuts you want to add.


There you have it, a rundown of the most important and commonly used keyboard shortcuts on a MacBook. If you want a list of every MacBook keyboard shortcut, you can check out this support page on the Apple website.


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