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MacBook Air Storage Upgrade: How to Add 128GB+ for only $54.00!

Sep 9, 2018 7:05:19 AM / by BaseQi



Do you have a MacBook Air? Chances are, you have been using this laptop for many years and you are slowly running out of disk space.

This is a common problem for many MacBook Air and older versions of MacBook pro users. The 128GB of storage space in basic versions of MacBook Air is simply not enough.


Even with upgraded 256GB of disk space, your Macbook's hard drive will still run out of space as you store more videos, images and other types documents.


MacBook Air is very useful, it is light in weight and runs most of the programs very well. If there is just a simple way to upgrade your MacBook Air storage space, life will be easier for all Apple Macintosh lovers.


The solution and short version of this blog


If you are too lazy to read this blog and would just like to find the answer, here is the main point of this blog.


You can buy a Baseqi Ninja Stealth Drive for $24.99. This is an aluminum SD card adapter that is made out of aluminum. You can insert a 128GB micro SD card into Ninja Stealth Drive and insert the whole thing into your MacBook Air's SD card slot. You will see a new 128GB disk show up on your screen and you can start dragging files there.


Image of a Ninja Stealth Drive


A 128GB Sandisk micro SD card is a high quality micro SD card, and it is being sold on amazon.com for $29.00 USD. Ninja Stealth Drive $25 + 128GB micro SD card $29 = $54. Get these 2 items, plug it into your MacBook Air and you will get additional storage space!


A Sandisk 256GB micro SD card runs for $73.71 and a 400GB micro SD card runs for $152.58 on Amazon.


There are many lower quality micro SD cards being sold on Amazon for cheap. These cards usually get low ratings and we do NOT recommending using them. You should always get a micro SD card from a reliable brand.


What makes Ninja Stealth Drive different is that it goes all the way into your MacBook Air, without any protrusions. It is designed to stay within your MacBook Air and stay there forever. The aluminum casing matches with your MacBook Air and no one will notice you have added an extra secondary drive for storage. Brilliant right?


Baseqi Ninja Drive inserted in MacBook Air for Storage

Ninja Stealth Drive hides into your MacBook Air 100% with no protrusions



You can learn more about Baseqi Ninja Stealth Drive here. The special price of $24.99 (regular price $29.99) is available only available for a limited amount of time. You should grab it today! 


Best MacBook Air Storage Upgrade Method


Now, we will look at the more detailed answer.


Baseqi Ninja Stealth Drive is the perfect solution to your problem. You can add 128GB of extra disk space within 3 seconds for less than $54 USD. If you have a bit more cash to spare, you can even add 256GB or 400 GB of disk space for around less than $99 and $178 USD respectively!


Usually, when we add more disk space, we have to take our computer apart, take out the SSD and replace it with a new one with more Gigabytes of storage space. This might be easy for tech savvy users, but can be a daunting task for people who are not familiar with computer hardwares. 


We have invented a new way to do this, you won't have to tear down your computer at all. 


Do you see the SD card slot on the right hand side of your MacBook Air? The SD slot is used to plug in a SD card. But since SD card is no longer the most popular way to store files, most of us rarely use this slot. The slot end up sitting there unused, and that is probably why Apple is removing these slots from the new MacBooks.


Macbook Air SD Slot

 People rarely use these micro SD card slots on MacBook Air nowadays.



Baseqi took advantage of this SD card slot. Since it is rarely used, we decide that we can add storage to MacBook Air here. All we needed was a SD card that hides 100% into your MacBook Air and it can just stay there for a long time.

If you are not familiar with Micro SD card adapters, they are just an adapter to hold micro SD cards. Micro SD cards are smaller versions of SD cards usually used in digital devices such as cameras.


You can insert a micro SD card into an adapter and it will become a regular sized SD card. 


SD cards are usually used to transfer files, it is not meant to stay in your MacBook and be used as a secondary drive. But we thought if we can remove the awkward protrusion from SD cards, it can stay in the SD slot forever and become MacBook Air's secondary storage drive!


Click here to learn everything you need to know about SD cards.


The design team at Baseqi took on this challenge and created a SD card that hides 100% within your MacBook Air. We gave it a name of Ninja Stealth Drive because no one will ever notice it. We even gave the SD card a silver aluminum finish to match the case of your MacBook Air, which perfectly camouflages the SD card adapter. 



SD cards and adapters



Ninja Stealth Drive is an upgraded micro SD card adapter, this is what it looks like.




This is the side view of a MacBook Air with Ninja Stealth Drive inserted. The aluminum styling matches your case perfectly and hides 100% into your MacBook Air



Remove the adapter instantly with your fingernail


To be honest, there are similar products on the market that looks like Baseqi. However, some of them requires a hook to take out. We know that taking out the SD card by a hook is a hassle because people will have to carry the hook with them at all times. They might also run the risk of losing this hook, and their SD card will stuck in their computer forever.

We tackled this problem with a different approach. We designed a small cut into the adapter so it can be easily pulled out with your fingernail. This was a perfect solution and we filed a patent for this invention. We are proud to announce that the patent was approved.


Removing-SD-card-for-storage-upgradeOur patented design allows you to remove Ninja Stealth Drive instantly, no tools required.


Please keep in mind that Ninja Stealth Drive is NOT designed to store computer programs. You should still install all of your computer programs on the original SSD on your MacBook Air. You can drag and store all of your image, video and document files into your new Ninja Stealth Drive.


So there you go, do you think this is the best way to add 128GB, 256GB or even 400GB to your MacBook Air? Please comment below or share this information with all of your friends!

You can buy a Ninja Stealth Drive today by clicking here or the link below  <https://shop.baseqi.com/products/macbook-pro-mini-drives?utm_source=Blog>.

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