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Keynote Vs. PowerPoint: Which One Is Better?

Nov 27, 2017 5:21:37 PM / by BaseQi


About to make a presentation? The software you use has a significant impact on how your presentation comes out, so choosing the right one is a critical decision. Two of the best choices you have are Keynote and PowerPoint. There are others, but these are two of the biggest presentation software available today. To help you decide which one best suits you, here is a detailed comparison.


Keynote was first introduced in 2003 as part of Apple’s iWork productivity suite (similar to Microsoft Office suite), with the latest being released on November 2. The Keynote has several notable features, and we’ll get through them one by one.



    • It has an innovative design, and its ready-made templates offer a special and dynamic feel to your presentations.

    • It is easy to use. The animations, transitions, and themes provide you with a very smooth presentation. The interface is designed to accommodate new users.

    • It is a high-quality program. Using Keynote results in flawless, professional-looking presentations.

    • It enables the use of various types of media. You can apply sounds, images, and videos with no problems whatsoever. You can also use the software on your iPad, iPod, or iPhone.

    • It has many themes and effects. Numerous design elements ensure that you always make beautiful, attention-grabbing presentations.

    • It has a simple export feature. The Keynote allows you to export your presentation to QuickTime.



    • It does not integrate well with other programs. You can transfer presentations to PowerPoint, but there is a chance that some design elements and functionalities will not work.

    • It is not compatible with Microsoft. If you have a MacBook, you can still install Powerpoint on it. However, if you have only have a laptop with a Microsoft OS, you can’t use Keynote with it.

    • It has uninformative help files. Its help files are not all that helpful in teaching people how to use it.

    • It can be time-consuming to learn. If you’ve gotten used to PowerPoint, the transition to Keynote can be jarring.

Keynote is a great piece of software provided by Apple to all of their users. Other than applications developed by Apple, there are also other useful apps that can be downloaded for free! You can find them in this article: Top Free Apps For New Mac Users.


PowerPoint was created by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin to be used exclusively on Macintosh Computers. The first iteration of the software was released on April 20, 1987, and it was bought by Microsoft for $14 million three months later.

PowerPoint is more popular than Keynote due to several noteworthy features such as:



    • It is highly user-friendly. One of the main selling points of PowerPoint is that it is way easier to understand than Keynote.

    • It is very straightforward. You can put graphs, animations, and images effortlessly.

    • It is organized.  You’ll have no trouble in editing every single aspect of your presentation. You can drag and drop the slides to change the order, use bullet points to highlight certain aspects of your presentation, edit the size of text, charts, and other elements, and so on and so forth.

    • It allows heavy customization. With PowerPoint, you have at your fingertips a wide range of special effects and themes to use. You can also purchase more from Microsoft as well as third party providers like Envato Market.

    • It is usable with plenty of file types. You can import and export different kinds of files, and you can even transfer your PowerPoint presentations to YouTube.

    • It offers excellent product support. PowerPoint’s help center is educational, intuitive, and easy to navigate.



    • It is not innovative. When it comes to design, the Keynote is more unique and has a fresher take in creating presentations.

    • It is less creative than Keynote. Presentations created on PowerPoint tend to be rather dull and text-heavy as compared to those made on Keynote.

    • It inhibits collaboration. Although Microsoft has tried to improve on allowing users to work together in real-time, it is still way behind Google Slides.

Which presentation software is best for you?


The choice between Powerpoint and Keynote is a choice between classic and new wave. If you want traditional-looking text-heavy presentations that you can design with no fuss, go with PowerPoint. There is absolutely nothing wrong with PowerPoint as a presentation software. Just keep in mind that its popularity has caused it to be overused by everyone from students to professionals.


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