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How To Protect Your MagSafe Power Adapter?

Feb 9, 2018 5:53:00 PM / by BaseQi

how to prevent macbook charger from fraying

No matter what model your MacBook is, the MagSafe power adapter is your most important accessory, bar none. Without the MagSafe, you wouldn’t be able to charge your MacBook. You also wouldn’t be able to connect your MacBook to an outlet and use it as a power source.


This is why it is crucial that you take care of your MagSafe, especially its cables, which can get damaged if not used properly. 


How to prevent MacBook charger from fraying

To prevent the wires on your MagSafe from fraying, follow these tips:


  • Inspections, inspections, inspections.

Regularly inspecting your MagSafe is key to prolonging its life. Check all parts of your MagSafe (connectors, cables, adapter) every day for damage by looking for breaks, bends, exposed wires, and other signs of abnormal wear and tear.

  • Stop using it.

In case you do see damage on any part of your MagSafe, you should stop using it immediately. Continuing to use it will not only risk further damage to the power adapter, it will also lead to potential electrical hazards.

  • Treat the cable with care.

You need to handle your MagSafe’s cable in the right way because once it gets damaged, it can be very hard to fix and the only solution would be a replacement.

Don’t pull on the cable or put pressure on any part of it. This causes cumulative damage that leads to the wires inside the cable breaking. In addition to that, you need to see that the cable is not bent at unnatural angles when in use. Instead, it should be curved only slightly in order to reduce cable strain.

  • Let the cable breath.

When using your MagSafe, make sure the cable has sufficient room to breathe. It should be placed behind your computer and that there is plenty of slack on it. This means that the cable should not be so far from the connector that there is tension on the wires inside.

  • Ensure proper storage.

Done with your MagSafe? Gently disconnect it from your MacBook and store it properly by taking advantage of your adapter’s “wings”. Wrap the cable around the wings loosely to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the cable and damaging the wires inside.

There you go. Not only is maintaining your MagSafe and all its parts easy, it also doesn’t cost you anything. If you take the aforementioned tips into consideration, your MagSafe is sure to last you for years to come.

Fixing a damaged MagSafe cable

If you see signs of damage on your MagSafe’s cable, it may not be too late to fix it. Here are some simple solutions that you can try.

  • Electrical tape

You just need to wrap the electrical tape tightly on the fraying part of the cable and ensure that all damage is covered by the electrical tape. This will prevent further damage to the cable.

This is the simplest and most affordable answer for a fraying cable, since electrical tape is very cheap and readily available at any hardware store. There are some caveats, though. This will make your MagSafe look unattractive and the fix won’t last forever.

  • Heat shrink tubing

While Heat shrink tubing comes in many sizes, so just buy the most suitable one for your cable. Once you have your heat shrink tubing, slip it over the cable and place it on the damaged part. Using something like a hair dryer, apply heat to the tubing so that it tightens and clings to the cable, thereby strengthening the frayed area.

  • Sugru

Sugru is a mouldable glue with a wide variety of applications such as arts and crafts, DIY home improvements, fixing home appliances, and of course, repairing gadgets.

The great thing about Sugru is that it’s very easy to work with. All you have to do is shape the material onto your cable and let it sit for 24 hours, after which it strengthens and becomes almost a part of your cable.  

  • Replacement cable

Your last resort is to purchase a replacement cable. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s a necessary expense since you won’t be able to connect your MacBook to your MagSafe power adapter without a cable. Try out these solutions and find out which one is best for you.


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