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Cool MacBook Features You Didn’t Know About

Nov 15, 2017 3:13:00 PM / by BaseQi

Cool mac features

As it is, the MacBook is already a versatile device. It’s a sleek, powerful machine capable of performing a multitude of both simple and complex tasks. Considering everything that you can do with it, it’s the digital equivalent of a multi-purpose tool, whether you’re a professional writer, entrepreneur, musician, or even just a casual Mac user/Apple fan.

Ten Cool Mac Features


However, what you probably didn’t know is that the MacBook also has a lot of other cool features that it doesn’t advertise outright. Here are some of the best hidden features on your MacBook.


Feature #1 - Create a digital signature

With MacBook’s Preview feature, you can create a digital version of your signature in mere seconds. This means that you can affix your signature on important digital documents or urgent requests without having to print them out and sign them by hand individually.

How can you do this? It’s simple--just follow these easy steps.

  1. Using black ink, sign a piece of blank white paper.
  2. Launch Preview on your MacBook and open Preferences.

  3. Click on Signature, then click on Create Signature.

  4. Hold your signature up to your webcam. Adjust it so that it rests on top of the digital line on your screen.

  5. Click Accept.

After that, your digital signature is ready to be used and reused as necessary. The best part about this is that it’s saved for you to use whenever you need it!

Feature #2 - Preview files

Do you know how you can preview any file (videos, documents, images, etc.) you want? It’s easy--all you have to do is select it, then press your MacBook’s spacebar. You may also use the arrow keys to switch between documents while in preview mode. If you want to turn off the preview, just press the spacebar again.

Feature #3 - Close apps in a flash

Apps running in the background use up a lot of memory. You may not think this would have much of an effect on your machine, but this can actually slow down your MacBook tremendously. The fast solution?

Shut down all those apps you’re not using at the moment. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to do this without having to access each and every one of them. To quickly close apps, simply hold down Command (⌘) + tab and keep pressing tab to rifle through the apps. Once you get to the app you want, press Q to shut it down. Repeat this process until you’ve closed all the apps you want.

Feature #4 - Utilize emojis

The Mac OS X includes emojis—exactly like the ones you have on iOS. Press CTRL + Command (⌘) + spacebar to access the emoji window and choose which one you need or want to use. Be as expressive as you want to be! 😁😁

Feature #5 - Customize text shortcuts

Save time in typing with this nifty feature. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to System Settings then select Language & Region.
  2. Select Keyboard Settings followed by Text.

  3. Press the + sign to add your desired shortcuts

With this function, you can have something like “I’m on my way there.” appear just by typing “omw.” Neat, right?

Feature #6 - Turn off Notifications

Annoyed by constant notifications on your machine? Good news: this function is for you! Simply open your Notification Center and look for the Do not Disturb toggle feature. Once you activate it, you won’t receive any notifications for the day.

Feature #7 - Take different kinds of screenshots

Depending on what keys you press, your MacBook captures different screenshots. These include:

  • ⌘ + ⇧ + 3 = Screenshots entire screen and saves

  • ⌘ + ⇧ + 4 = Screenshots dragged area and saves

  • ⌘ + CTRL + ⇧ + 3 = Screenshots entire screen and copies it

  • ⌘ + CTRL + ⇧ + 4 = Screenshots dragged area and copies it

Screenshots are saved as .png files for better quality.

Feature #8 - Quickly uninstall apps

The Mac OS is different from Windows in that it lets you uninstall apps easily. All you need to do is:

  1. Select the app

  2. Drag it to the Trash

  3. Click on Finder and then select Empty Trash.

It’s a simple, hassle-free way of getting rid of unwanted apps and making your machine run more smoothly.

Feature #9 - Summarize text

On the Mac OS X, you can summarize long articles of text in a jiffy by taking these steps:

  1. Highlight the text.

  2. Right click on it.

  3. Select Summarize.

Use Summarize so that you don’t have to do the summary yourself. It saves both time and effort on your part.

Feature #10 - Type with voice commands using Dictation.

Too lazy to type with your hands? No problem. Your MacBook can take care of that—just press the function (fn) key twice and start speaking. Press fn again to convert what you said into text.

There’s also a souped up version of this feature called Enhanced Dictation which has added benefits such as:

  • Live feedback

  • Ability to edit simultaneously while recording and continuing dictation.

  • Offline usability of all dictation features

  • Dictate longer strings of text

  • Faster dictation

You can turn on Enhanced Dictation by going to Settings, clicking Dictation & Speech, then ticking the box beside Use Enhanced Dictation. You’ll be asked to download files worth around 700 MB, so make sure your MacBook has enough disk space.


Once you master all these functions, using your MacBook will be more fun, exciting, and convenient. Not only that, you’ll also be able to maximize your MacBook’s capabilities. So, what are you waiting for? Start following these tips today.


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