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4 Ways To Clean Up Your Mac!

Sep 29, 2017 6:25:37 PM / by BaseQi


Cleaning up your Macbook is always a chore, but there are times where just deleting files may not be enough, or you seemingly still need more space that you can’t spare. But aside from taking a closer look at your storage space, there’s still a couple of places you can look where you could free up the memory you need.

These areas are often automatically cleaned by your Mac OS, but if you need space in a hurry, you can manually empty/purge these areas yourself. They’re handy to keep in mind when you’re expecting to receive a large batch of files, or just to free up room when your Mac is starting to get a little sluggish.

Check your iOS backups

Sync and backup are some of the most wonderful things that you can do on the Mac, but sometimes this process doesn’t work too well - usually when your unit gets a little old. Over time, your Mac might get overloaded with old backups that aren’t deleted when your software/files get updated, taking up to gigabytes of space in your hard drive.

These backups can be accessed via iTunes, clicking on Preferences, then going through the Devices tab to find them. Choose the backup files you want to delete, and they should free up plenty of space on your Mac.

Clean up the desktop

Much like your actual desk, having too many items on your desktop makes it difficult to work around it. Keeping it organized by moving things into folders or deleting some shortcuts you don’t need helps you use your Mac much more efficiently.

Chuck out the cache

If you’ve ever encountered your browser slowing down, hold up for a minute before calling your ISP - it could be because your cache has become bloated. Your internet cache is your browser’s way of storing data from every website you visit, making return visits easier.

However, over time this folder can grow to ridiculous sizes - and we often visit sites that we never visit again! Clearing out your cache is a good way of freeing up space on your hard drive, as well as improving your internet browsing experience. Here’s how to access your cache using these browsers:

Safari – Open Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Show Develop Menu -> Check Develop Menu -> Empty Caches

Chrome – Open Chrome -> Press Ctrl+H -> Clear browsing data ->Choose “the beginning of time” to delete all history items -> Select at least the first 4 items (clear browsing history + clear download history + delete cookies and other site and plug in data + empty the cache) -> Clear browsing data

Firefox – Open Firefox -> Edit ->Preferences ->Expand Advanced (Choose +) -> Cache -> Clear Cache

Optimise your system

Finally, just doing a thorough check of your Mac - drivers, OS updates, updates to your current applications - can help you free up a lot of space. Or you can get third-party software that enables you to check out parts of your system you can optimise - software such as CCleaner and OnyX are good programs to start with.


Written by BaseQi

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